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Dataguise is the leader in secure business execution, delivering data-centric security solutions that

detect and protect an enterprise’s sensitive data, no matter where it lives or who needs to leverage it. Dataguise solutions free organizations from traditional security constraints to support data-driven initiatives that maximize the business value of information. DgSecure by Dataguise makes data security painless, delivering a powerful solution that provides the highest level of protection without the need for programming. The company is proud to secure the data of many Fortune 500 companies committed to responsible data stewardship

DgSecure Detect enables you to discover, count, and report on sensitive data assets in real time wherever they live or move across data repositories, on premises and in the cloud. It’s a precise, highly scalable, resilient, and customizable solution, finding and summarizing sensitive data at the element level.


  • Handles high volumes of disparate, constantly moving, and changing data with time stamping to support incremental change and life cycle management.

  • Supports a fluid or flexible information governance model that has a mix of highly “invested” (curated) data as well as raw, unexplored (gray) data such as IoT (Internet of Things) data, clickstreams, feeds, and logs.

  • Handles a variety of data stores such as traditional relational databases and enterprise data warehouses as well as non-relational big data sources (Hadoop) and file repositories (SharePoint and file shares).

  • Processes structured, semi-structured, and unstructured or free-form data formats.

  • Provides automated detection and processing of a variety of file formats and file/directory structures, leveraging meta-data and schema-on-read where applicable.

  • Provides deep content inspection using techniques such as patent-pending neural-like network (NLN) technology, and dictionary-based and weighted keyword matches to detect sensitive data more accurately.

DgSecure SENSITIVE DATA PROTECTION capabilities enable large enterprises in industries including finance, insurance, healthcare, government, technology and retail to:

  • Reduce breach risk and data loss through sensitive data protection.

  • Address compliance, privacy, and regulatory mandates for PII, PCI, PHI, HIPAA and data privacy and data residency laws.