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Circles of Trust

Circles of Trust enables the continued protection of high value data regardless of whether it is at rest or in motion. It is an easy to use security solution that allows end users to create a “trusted group” of people for simple and secure sharing. Encryption follows the data wherever it goes whether on an email, USB, mobile device, in the cloud, or sitting on someone’s desktop – only people in the Circle can access the file.

Simple Workflow
1. Create a Circle
2. Add members and folders
3. Share files through any means
Only members can access protected documents

Security Highlights
• File-level security
• Stays secure even in cloud storage
• Strong encryption using government-standard AES cipher

• Secure group for sharing
• Set expiry for documents
• Track documents
• Revoke access to documents
• Seamless and transparent
• No interruption to workflow
• No additional passwords