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TD/OMS is an in-house developed, easy to use, flexible and cost effective Software Change Management solution that can support your IBM i development. If you would like to assure the highest quality of your applications and want to reduce costs of IT, improve the workflow, implement IT best practices or need to be compliant to law & regulations, TD/OMS is definitely something you should look at.


The basics of TD/OMS incorporate fundamental IT business processes:

• Incident Management,
• Configuration Management,
• Version Management,
• Release Management,
• Life Cycle Management,
• Software Distribution & Deployment.

TD/OMS can streamline the change process of any type of application (legacy/off-the shelf) within your organization, no matter the complexity of your environment. Thanks to graphical impact analysis TD/OMS will give you complete control over the software life cycle process and provide a real time overview of software components and configuration. Compliance and auditing requirements can be easily met due to the registration of all component movements.


Benefit from using TD/OMS

·        Simple to use and easy to adopt
·        Scalability - suitable for companies of any type or size  (TD/OMS Compact for small teams)
·        IT costs optimized
·        Significantly increased productivity
·        Shortened time to market
·        Teamwork improvement
·        Increased it reliability and control
·        Integration to all traditional IBM i and Eclipse based development platforms
·        Multi-methodology support
·        Support of laws & regulations, compliance (SOX, ISO, Basel II, etc.) and IT best practices
·        Third party application software change support
·        Gained visibility
·        Workload predictability
·        Quick implementation time
·        Standardized way of working
·        Reduced risk in business continuity
·        Modularity - use and pay for only what you really need


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