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aXes transforms RPG and COBOL 5250 programs into Rich Internet Applications accessible via multiple Web Browsers on multiple devices (including mobiles), without having to change a single line of code.

You don’t have to leave RPG or COBOL for your 5250 green screen applications to automatically become modern Web browser-based applications. You write the business logic and layout the screen. aXes does the rest by turning your 5250 data stream into a modern, rich Internet user interface.

Using aXes eXtensions, you can enrich the user interface and add business value to your 5250 applications with a host of Windows user interface constructs, including dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, calendars, charts, hyperlinks, images and a full color palette.

And there's more... straight out-of-the-box, aXes includes remote access to spooled print jobs, remote SQL access to IBM i databases and server administration.