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GiAPA is an Application Performance Analysis and Operations Support Tool collecting comprehensive resource usage information 24/7 for all jobs every 15 seconds using less than 0.1 % CPU. The data is analysed automatically obviating the need for expensive external consultants and the resulting data base permits generation of a large number of standard and user defined reports and charts.

GiAPA is an acronym of the words describing the aim of the software product:
Global iSeries Application Performance Analyzer
The main goal of GiAPA is to hide all the complex data collection and analysis in the program logic to enable any programmer and operator to automatically pinpoint performance issues.

In addition, with detailed data for all jobs and tasks available every 15 seconds, the GiAPA data base has become an unprecedented tool for operations being responsible for controlling use of resources and producing usage information and trend reports to management.
GiAPA basically works in 3 steps:

  • Collection of performance data, stored in a compressed binary format.
  • Expansion and analysis of the collected data.
  • Reporting – Interactive use of displayed or printed reports and graphics


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