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CONTROLER is a global access control product that complements IBM i OS security, either in classic mode or by using adopted authorities. 
CONTROLER not only covers exit points using all the traditional access methods, such as FTP, ODBC, DDM, DRDA, Netserver, etc. but also all system or user commands (whether issued remotely or directly from a 5250 interface), jobs, SQL instructions from the SQE engine, and files invoked by the CQE engine and file opening.
The product includes two modules, which can be used separately or concurrently: Access Protocol Control module and Command Control module. 
Examples of access controls you can implement with the Access Protocol Control module:
  • Block all authentication protocols using one powerful, easy-to-maintain rule
  • Block 'open session request' (not TELNET) according to specific criteria
  • Install generic controls on remote commands issued from users who do not normally have command-line access
  • Strengthen security for generic users 
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