Davivienda - Colombia

With GoAnywhere Director we have been able to replace many difficult manual file transfer processes with a variety of automated processes, that eliminate the risk of information leakage. Our sensitive files that are designated for transfer are not exposed at any point in the transfer process and are automatically deleted from the transfer process once transmitted. Today, Banco Davivienda has about 300 data encryption and secure data transmission projects implemented in its production environments, all of which are working automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Luis Fernando Castilla - Department Coordinator for IT Security Management 

Panasonic Latin America, S.A. - Panama

GoAnywhere Director (GAD) has allowed us to automate the exchange of information
between the internal and external processes of our organization. The ease in creating and defining processes with GAD has been one of the key elements in accomplishing in record time the different requirements that we receive on the part of our users. 
I’d like to mention the suitable technical support received by Green Light Technology and the developer Linoma Software.  Rene Chie  - IT General Manager

Financiera Comultrasan - Colombia

Through the solutions ControlerQJRN/400 and DVM, we have managed to improve the visibility on our iSeries systems in addition to allowing us to implement control measures on activities around access to the system and the data based on reports and email alert solutions delivered to us. I must emphasize the excellent technical support group at Green Light Technology and the ongoing support from the principal manufacturer, Cilasoft.

Julio Cesar Ayala - IT Infrastructure  Director



Corpbanca - Chile

At our bank, we make use of the Controler and QJRN/400 solutions. Thanks to both of these solutions, we have achieved a high security standard and we have met the demands of various regulatory compliance audits, both internal and external. 
Green Light Technology has been a strategic supplier of solutions and services with whom we have been able to advance satisfactorily in the development of different projects.

Cristian Guerra - Operational Risk Manager and Information Security